SPS-300 Series

SPS-320, SPS-34x

Advanced ECRs from the World’s Leading ECR Builder

Commercial Grade System Electronic Cash Registers

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• Choose a flat keyboard model for food service or a raised keyboard model for retail environments.

• On screen programming simplifies setup and makes changes easy to manage after installation.

• Connects to popular POS peripherals.

• Interconnect multiple unitsto consolidate your sales and share access to peripherals.

Best Applications


• Food Service: Quick Service, Sandwich, Deli, Kiosks, Cafeteria, Ice Cream

• Independent Retail Merchants, Especially Retail Scanning • Simple Franchise Concepts

• Parks, Stadiums, Convention Centers And Other Venues With Many Concession Locations





Product details

Operator Screen

The large, bright operator screen clearly sets the SPS-300 series apart from traditional ECRs. Just glance at the screen to verify or fi ll an order. If necessary, you can page up or down through larger transactions. Easy-tofollow messages guide your operator with minimal training. On screen programming simplifies programming of new PLU items and price changes. Managers can access sales, inventory and fi nancial information and view it directly on the screen.


The programmable keyboard can be customized with PLU keys for open price or preset entries and function keys for discounts, payments and corrections.

• Models with the 150 key position fl at keyboard support 100 or more PLU locations.
• The raised keyboard model features 21 standard PLU locations, expandable to 63 or more PLU locations

Thermal Printer

Keep pace with fast, quiet, thermal printing. Drop-in loading simplifies paper changing and virtually eliminates paper jamming.

Electronic Journal

The SPS-300 stores your detailed sales journal in memory for printing at the end of the day. Electronic journal can be printed in its entirety or select from ten different print option selections.

Secure SD Port

Save/load your program, load receipt logos/images or update fi rmware by SD card.

Communications Ready

Two RS-232C ports and inter-register communications (IRC) are available on every SPS-300 series ECR. Using IRC, up to 8 registers can be connected for consolidating store wide reports and/or programming. Each RS-232C port and two optional, additional ports can be connected to one of the following options: direct or modem PC communications with optional polling software; kitchen printer; slip printer; scale; scanner; pole display; coin dispenser; Datatran™ integrated credit; kitchen video; video surveillance.

Additional Features

• Up To 5 Price Levels For Each PLU
• Up To 5 PLU Modifier Keys
• Approximately 20,000 PLUs For Large Item Or UPC Files
• Automatic Tax Computation For Up To 4 Rates Or Tables
• 10 Media Keys: Cash, Check And Up To 8 Charge Keys
• Up To 99 Group Totals
• Up To 99 Clerks/Cashiers
• Graphic Bitmap Logo
• Condensed Journal
• Compulsory Cash Declaration
• Hash PLU Status
• 10 One-Touch Macro Keys
• Training Mode

Management Reports

• Complete Financial Report
• Individual Clerk/Cashier Report
• Hourly Sales Analysis
• Reporting For Up To 99 Clerks/Cashiers
• PLU, Group And Stock Reports
• Period-To-Date Financial, Hourly,

Cashier, Group And PLU Reports

• Sales By Day Report For 31 Days
• Open Check Report