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Fast, Affordable, Secure Payment
Processing for Your Business

Sterling offers merchants upfront, competitive pricing with no hidden fees or costs.

Sterling also provides fast transaction times (IP, wireless and dial), comprehensive and secure web reporting, 24/7 live multilingual support, the highest security standards, and custom applications for every type of business, including retail, restaurant, online, petroleum, and mail and telephone order (MOTO).

Full-Service Payment Processing

Sterling provides merchants with a complete range of electronic payment services, including credit, debit, PIN debit, fleet, gift card, rewards and loyalty programs, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and check authorization and conversion.

Affordable Technology and Products

Sterling has the latest point-of-sale terminals, software applications, wireless products and e-commerce gateways that provide the optimal payment solutions for any business. Sterling also develops its products to meet the needs of businesses of all types and sizes.

Web-Based Reporting

Sterling’s secure online merchant portal – SNAP – provides detailed reports, including sales transactions, transaction summaries, monthly summaries and historical data. Merchants can export Sterling’s data to use with Quicken, QuickBooks and other accounting systems.

Highest Security Standards in the Industry

Sterling has consistently been recognized for upholding the highest security standards in the industry (PCI-DSS). Sterling protects card data using physical and logical security, network protection, audit logging, password challenges, encryption and a strict privacy policy.

PCI Security Council Participating and EMV Migration Forum

American Express OnePoint™

Sterling offers new merchants the American Express OnePoint™ program, a cost effective solution that provides the convenience of a single source for statements, deposits and customer service for all major card brands.